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Jumblo Offers Unbelievably Cheap International Faxs

VoIP industry is full of new companies that offer very cheap rates when they launch and then we do not hear about them after a few months. There are only a few major players who have survived for a long time including Rebtel, LocalPhone, Vonage and a few others. We have been following Jumblo for a long time, they have survived with unbelievably cheap rates to most destinations without compromising on phone fax quality.

Jumblo provides free international faxs to many countries, but if your destination was never given absolutely free faxs by any voip provider neither does Jumblo. However, their fax rates are pretty cheap and thus we recommend you to try them next time around when you need to recharge.

Jumblo Fax Rates for International Destinations

We here at CorVoIP believe in giving out the true information, as their is no gain by claiming that a particular voip provider provides cheapest international faxs. If you visited Jumblo earlier you would have mistakenly assumed that they provide cheap fax with iphone to India at 0.07 cents. Well, let us have the opportunity to clear this myth. Cheap international faxs by Jumblo at 0.07 cents is true, but this is in EURO and when you convert it to USD and add VAT their cheapest fax rates to India come up to $0.012. It is still cheap though.

In short, they sometimes advertise prices in Euro, so do the conversion yourself to find out the final price.

Jumblo Super Deal

If you need to make free international faxs to one of the many countries, you can do that for 90 days using Jumblo if you buy some credit with them. The Jumblo “Super Deal” or free countries are Argentina, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Japan, and United States.

You can use your blackberry or iPhone to make faxs over wifi which saves you faxs. The SIP settings for Jumblo are:

SIP port: 5060


Proxy server:

Outbound proxy server: leave empty

Account name: your username

Password: your Jumblo password

Display name/number: your Jumblo username or voipnumber

Stunserver (option):

VOIP/SIP codecs: G.711 (64 kbps), G.726 (32 kbps), G.729 (8 kbps), G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps), GSMFR (13.2 kbps)

How to make Faxs using Jumblo

We recommend try making faxs from your phone over wifi. We use it personally and it rocks. You could even make faxs without any computer, or headset. Go to their website and enter your own number and your destination number. You and your party will both get a fax from them, and you will be connected to each other. This works for all of their free countries. The list is not exhaustive but a lot of destinations are in Jumblo’s list for free countries.

Making United States a free country does not make much sense though as the phones in USA do not have free incoming faxs. They end up paying for their fax regardless. However, if you are in one of the other Jumblo’s free countries then it makes sense to make free faxs to USA, which again can be done using Free Landline Phone by Google Voice and ObiHai.

Jumblo also allows you to use their phone app to make faxs, so if you are not interested in spending your faxs, you could opt for wi-fi or 3G based faxing through the app.


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