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Jul 12, 2021
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Electronic cigarettes are a diverse group of products that produce a heated aerosol, typically containing nicotine, which users inhale via a mouthpiece. E-cigarettes range widely in design, appearance, and complexity, but generally contain similar components and operate in a similar manner. Common components of e-cigarettes include a battery, heating coil, atomizer that transforms the e-liquid to an aerosol, cartridge that contains the e-liquid, and mouthpiece. Each component has the potential to affect health outcomes independently. They may also interact to create an influence different from the sum of their individual parts, posing a challenge for research in this field. The basic operation of e-cigarettes generally follows several steps and includes drawing on the e-cigarette, activation of a heating element, which aerosolizes the contained liquid, and inhalation of the liquid aerosol.


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