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Release Date: March 14th (Google Play)

Developer: Dvora Studio Co. Ltd. (Renamed in 2022)

Publisher: Myplay

Genre: Clicker, Adventure, Simulation

Platforms: Android (Google Play), IOS


Languages: English, Korean




<Paka's Coffee> is Dvora Studio's first mobile game project. It contains many contents like cafe management, item collecting, and decorating interiors. The game is based on the Clicker genre, but has many simulation & tycoon essences like PVE, PVP, beverage creating, interior design, and an adorable story.




  • Clicker: Tap the screen to receive 'delivery request calls' to earn coins

  • Tycoon: Design your own cafe, and improve your barista skills.

  • Simulation: Challenge yourself in 'Speciality' service, and coffee contests in the universe! 

  • PVE with its narrative Storyline for the gaming purpose

  • Adorable Artwork with Dvora Studio Style

  • PVP with the online ranking system

  • Various interior & machine designs to customize your cafe




파카의 커피 - 모바일 게임 트레일러
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  • This is officially the first mobile game of Dvora Studio with the mobile game BM. (Since The Coma: Cutting Class Mobile is out-sourced.)​

  • It's a debut game of Hyunho as a game designer, who used to be a sound director.

  • This is way casual than other game titles of Dvora Studio, which has mostly hard and rough artwork style. Minho the lead artist wanted to make a kid-friendly game, since he becomes a father in 2022. 

  • The game story is about cute animals, but it also shows human characters with intentional reasons.

  • The game is dealing with multiverse.

  • Some visitors seem to wear sylvani elven armor from <Vambrace: Cold Soul>, and a school uniform inspired by <The Coma> series. Even Yaesol Han (The Coma main character) is shown. Odd-eyed character like Lyric (Main protagonist of Vambrace: Cold Soul) is also shown.

  • The game focuses 'take-out' coffee shop, which is smaller and simpler than franchise cafes. In-game, there is no seat for visitors, and visitors are rapidly dropping by for a cup of beverages.

  • Luis the unicorn is inspired by Tony Stark in Marvel Comics, in a gentle way. He is a great supporter of Paka and his family. The game didn't tell the origin story of the houses yet.

  • The main character 'Paka' seems to be his family name. The player can choose the first name. If you put 'James", then the Paka's name is "James Paka'. It seems like there are many Alpacas in the universe with the house name- Paka. 

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