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마지막 마법 학교 | 티저 영상 II | 드보라 스튜디오
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At the point when the wizarding society collapsed, the surviving wizards built the one last magic school to inherit the new magic system...

After the discovery of the tremendous power source 'Dracore', the scientific civilized nation became a conqueror and has destroyed the magical kingdoms, that had maintained the existing harmony, one after another.

Dracore was able to absorb the energy of the Hedge Magick and Blood Magick that the wizards were using previously. Therefore the wizards had to look at the land being destroyed helplessly.


The wizards gathered their strength and opened the gateway to the other world 'Terra Mysticia', and surviving refugees came in and started settling here.

In preparation for the final battle, the Magic Society found a new magic system that could compete with Dracore, and built the one last magic school to teach it.

You! You are a freshman student entering the magic school. In a dangerous facility and activities, I hope you can spend a year safely...


Decent Text-based RPG in your mobile device.

This game is a text-based RPG. The player enters as a freshman on the magic school stage, and can participate in various magic classes and activities with classmates, seniors, and professors.


Depending on the player's choice, you can be a bully, an honor student, or the vocalist of a popular school band.


Use the magic you learned through the magic duel system properly to solve problems and collect various collectibles!


Upcoming Soon in 2023. Stay tuned!

The game is currently in development.

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