Release Date: 17th January, 2019 (AOS) / 22nd January, 2019 (IOS)

Developer: Devespresso Games Inc. & Dodam Games

Publisher: Dodam Games

Platforms: AOS & IOS


Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, and Chinese (Simplified)

Contact: contact at dodamgames dot com



The Coma: Cutting Class is the debut title from Korean independent game developer, Devespresso Games. It was remastered 1 year after, as known as The Coma: Recut, and the original title is redeemed with the game on mobile platforms.

Touch-based control is available with a new GUI, and the game becomes much lighter than the previous version to be adjusted onto your phone. You can explore the school of horror everywhere.



  • 2D hand-illustrated visuals.

  • A unique infusion of Korean horror in the survival-adventure genre.

  • Listen carefully to footsteps revealing the killer's approach.

  • Run and hide from the world's most relentless psycho.

  • Avoid poisonous tentacles and clawing shadows as you explore.

  • Discover notes and clues that illuminate the mystery of Sehwa High.

  • Work together with the others who are trapped here. But can they be trusted?

  • Crouch in the shadows during intense moments to escape the killer.

  • Reveal the startling mystery of Sehwa High and the intricate web of deceit surrounding its staff. 

  • Tough-based gameplay, lighter size, and new GUI for Mobile screen.





  • Dodam Games (a mobile game development & publishing company) ported the game for mobile devices.

  • The entire GUI had to be altered for a touchscreen interface. Devespresso Games updated the old control settings while the game was being remastered.. 

  • The game is available now for both iOS and Android.

  • The sub-title 'Cutting Class' is the original title of the first game. Devespresso Games initially self-published it on Steam.