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<Paka's Coffee> is Dvora Studio's first mobile game project. It contains many contents like cafe management, item collecting, and decorating interiors. The game is based on the Clicker genre, but has many simulation & tycoon essences like PVE, PVP, beverage creating, interior design, and an adorable story.

The player works with the main character, "Al Paka", who dreams of becoming the best barista in the animal world. Through the development of 'Specialty' beverages, customer service, coffee bean development, and equipment upgrades, we are gradually increasing the taste of coffee and building a reputation, meeting with various baristas from around the world and conducting coffee contests.

A small Take-Out cafe that started in a rural village spreads to the city, the coalition government, and even into space... Can Paka the Barista grow well?

"I'm going to be the best barista in the world!"
  • Clicker: Tap the screen to receive 'delivery request calls' to earn coins
  • Tycoon: Design your own cafe, and improve your barista skills.
  • Simulation: Challenge yourself in 'Speciality' service, and coffee contests in the universe! 
  • PVE with its narrative Storyline for the gaming purpose
  • Adorable Artwork with Dvora Studio Style
  • PVP with the online ranking system
  • Various interior & machine designs to customize your cafe

파카의 커피 - 모바일 게임 트레일러
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